Co-curricular Club | 2020 Photography (Year 8 to Year 12)

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Photography club is for girls who love taking photographs and want to develop their photography skills. As a student-led group, members are responsible for taking photographs of school events such as sports carnivals and school concerts. Lunchtime sessions are dedicated to planning for these events as well as improving skills with the use of Digital SLR cameras. Two afternoons per term are set aside for learning about and experimenting with darkroom photography. This group is for students who are committed to attending meetings on a regular basis.

Years Year 8 to Year 12
Coordinator/s Cigdem Aydemir
Places Available 10
Time Monday 3.30pm-4.30pm
Location F72

Important Information

  • Bookings are only valid once payment transaction is complete and information is received.
  • Places allocated in order of receipt.
  • Processed bookings will provide an email receipt including a Customer Reference Number. We advise you to print this email and keep it for your records.
  • If you have any questions please contact Cigdem Aydemir at

Registrations closed