Private Music Tuition 2022


Private Music Tuition Per Term
30-minute $410
45-minute $586
60-minute $762
Private Musicianship
30-minute $352
45-minute $512
60-minute $672

Further Information

  • Detailed information on policies regarding Private Tuition at MLC School is provided in More Information, located below the Order Form.
  • Bookings are only valid once payment transaction is complete and information is received.
  • Places allocated in order of receipt.
  • Processed bookings will provide an email receipt including a Customer Reference Number. We advise you to print this email and keep it for your records.
  • If you have any questions please contact the Music Administrator on  or phone 02 8741 3123
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Private Music Tuition

Fee Payments

The tuition fees are paid in advance at the beginning of each term. Upon enrolment, the first term’s fees must be paid online by credit card. For students attending MLC School, the tuition fees for subsequent terms will be charged to the school fees account.

External students (those not currently attending MLC School) must pay an additional 10% GST.  There is a separate online enrolment form for external students.

Should a student withdraw from private music lessons, a term’s notice must be given. Changes to a student’s tuition must be approved by the Director of Music.

Organisation of Lessons

Private music tuition is given on the basis of 32 lessons per year, or the equivalent of 8 lessons per term.

Extra lessons can be given (and are charged separately) after the 32 designated lessons have been given.

Students are assigned to a tutor by the Head of Strings, Head of Bands, Head of Keyboard or the Director of Music.

For students who are new to their instrument we recommend 30-minute lessons. Longer lessons are for students who are more advanced on their instrument.

It is expected that parents liaise with the student’s tutor to ensure that clear lines of communication are established in order to inform of any absences for excursions, exams or sickness.

Rotation of Lessons

It is MLC School policy that lessons must be rotated during the school day so students minimise their time away from any one subject.

However, girls in Year 11 and Year 12 should have fixed lesson times during their ‘spare’ periods and this is negotiated directly with the tutor.

Cancellation of Lessons

If students or tutors need to cancel a lesson, 48 hours’ notice must be given. Please note that lessons missed without prior notification may not be made up by the tutor.  This includes lessons missed due to equipment/instruments being forgotten and lessons that need to be changed due to exams/tests, excursions/incursions, sports carnivals, etc.

Co-Curricular Music Ensembles Membership Requirement

All students having vocal tuition or learning a string, woodwind, brass or percussion instrument at MLC School are required to participate in the Music Department’s co-curricular ensemble program. The minimum basic requirement is the weekly rehearsal and associated performances with the large ensemble in the Choir, Orchestra and Band programs at the school. Students may also audition for smaller ensembles if they wish.

Instrument Hire

It is expected that each student has their own instrument. The school has a small collection of rare or large instruments e.g. Tuba, Double Bass, Bassoon.

If you wish to hire an instrument, please discuss the availability of a stringed instrument with Head of Strings, Dr Joanna Dramatis or for any woodwind or brass instrument the Head of Bands, Mr Richard Coward.


For more information please contact the Music Administrator by email or call 02 8741 3123.