2020 Softball Term 1 - Years 8 – 12

Event:2020 Term 1 SOFTBALL

14th November 2019, 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Burwood Park


Will be announced closer to the competition, but will be held two mornings per team from Mon - Fri 7am-8am.


Venue:Burwood Park

Cost Breakdown:

Entry Fee $165.00



COST: $165.00 per player.

UNIFORM: MLC School and IGSSA require full softball uniform that can be purchased at the School Uniform Shop. Girls will wear full sports/PE uniform to training, including shin guards.

TRAINING: It is expected that students are punctual, dressed appropriately.

Two training sessions have been arranged for each team per term.

FEES: A NON-REFUNDABLE fee of not more than $165.00 is charged and includes registration, insurance, umpiring expenses, team equipment and coaching fees.


Please note: this year is the beginning of the phase out of Softball as a school sport at MLC School. 

MLC School will be competing in the IGSSA Softball Competition. This competition will be conducted during Term 1, 2020. Please read the following information carefully as it will form the basis for your involvement in Softball at MLC in 2020.

There is an absolute expectation that all players fulfil their contractual obligations during the season and that they do so with the active support of their parents. Areas of particular concern to the Sports Department are the punctual attendance of players at training and games and appropriate parental notification of absences from these commitments. 

Competition Dates: Term 1, 8 February – 4 April, 2020 (Saturdays) 

Game Times: 8:00am – 12 noon. 

Venues: Various Schools and Grounds in Sydney and possibly Frensham (Mittagong)

Uniform: The uniform items required for this sport are as follows; 

                      MLC Softball Pants

                      MLC PE Shirt

                      MLC Cap

                      MLC Tracksuit Jacket is to be worn both to and from all Saturday games in cooler weather.

The wearing of suitable footwear is also compulsory. At no time should non-regulation clothing be worn when representing MLC in sport. 


Equipment: Players are advised to wear a mouth guard. The school will provide all other equipment required for participation in softball.


TrainingAll players will have 2 training sessions each week before school from 7.00 – 8.00am.


Games: Players are expected to attend all games and must be at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the game so there is adequate time for score sheets to be completed and for players to sign on and warm-up. If a player is for some reason unable to play due to illness or injury, it is important that they come to support their team where possible. 



On the rare occasions that it may be necessary for a player to miss training or a game:

  • If the inability to attend is known in advance - a written explanation (email) from the player’s parent/guardian is to be given to the coach in advance. This notice should be given as early as possible. 
  • If the player is absent from school on the day of training or on game day - the player’s parent/guardian is asked to advise the coach and sports department of their child’s absence from training or the game.


Please Note: Continued failure to attend training or games without a timely written explanation is unacceptable and may jeopardise players continued involvement in sport.

A member of the sports department will contact Parents/guardians of students whose non-attendance at training or games is not notified in the correct manner. 


Coaches: Each team will have a coach who is responsible for the ongoing training of the team and the development of the players’ skills and knowledge of the game. 

 Communication: Our main form of communication with the players and their parents is via email and occasionally text messages. Please ensure you regularly check emails to ensure you are well informed regarding Softball in 2020. The Sports Update in the newsletter also contains important information.

Registration: Players in Years 7-11 (2019) must register to play by Thursday 7th  November 2019. Players who do not register before this date are not guaranteed a place in a team. 

Fees: NON-REFUNDABLE fee of no more than $165.00 will be charged at the point of registration. Fees include registration, insurance, referees’ expenses, team equipment and coaching fees. 

Trials: All players are expected to attend trials. In extreme cases where a player is unable to attend, a written explanation from the parents must be sent to the sports department. If a player is unable to attend at short notice the player’s parents should contact Kylie Bickerstaff at the Sports Office on 87413126. Attendance at grading or appropriate notification of the inability to attend is essential to be guaranteed a place in the most appropriate team.   


I understand the number of teams MLC School enters into a competition is usually determined prior to the trial process. For this reason, it is not always possible to accommodate students in teams if they miss the registration window.

I understand that teams will be selected based on ability and not for transport or social reasons.

I understand my daughter will need to attend TWO training sessions per week. Training days will be determined following team selections and coach allocations.

I understand my daughter will need to attend Saturday matches with times varying between 8:00am – 12:00pm during the season. Your daughter must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the game for sufficient warm up and registration.

I understand that the registration fee is non-refundable.

I understand the season runs from Saturday 8th February to Saturday 4th April, 2020.

Please email Ms Kylie Bickerstaff if you have any further questions on kbickerstaff@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au

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