MLC School Bus Permission Form

Please Note: High Risk Warning

During the course of the year MLC School will arrange transport by bus for students of the School, either for excursions, or other events or by providing a bus service to and from the School on a regular basis.

While MLC School takes measures to make the services as safe as reasonably possible for students, there is a risk that students can be injured or suffer loss (including financial loss) and damage as a result of their travel.

The injury may result from a student’s actions, the actions of others or equipment failure. In some cases an injury can be life threatening or result in permanent disability or death.

Students could also suffer loss as a result of their personal property being lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

There are some risks associated with travel on the regular MLC School bus routes, such as students making their own way home after alighting the MLC School bus. Unsupervised students could be at a higher risk of being involved in pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents, suffering unwanted attention from unknown person(s) or becoming lost.

In the case of the bus routes, parents and guardians are reminded that it is their responsibility to supervise students prior to boarding the MLC School bus in the mornings and after alighting the MLC School bus in the afternoons. Drivers of the buses used for the MLC School regular bus routes cannot accept any responsibility for unsupervised students.

By agreeing to the policies and giving permission in the form below, you are accepting the risks associated with bus travel. In the case of the regular MLC School bus routes you accept responsibility for the welfare and safety of the student named below prior to boarding and after alighting the MLC School bus.

The School has four regular bus services to and from MLC School:

             i. Cronulla/Caringbah/Blakehurst/Hurstville
             ii. Lane Cove/Hunters Hill/Woolwich
             iii. Balmain/Rozelle/Leichhardt/Haberfield
             iv. Gladesville/Henley/Drummoyne/Five Dock

Pick up for these buses in the afternoon is at the bus stop, outside the Senior School campus, on Rowley Street and Grantham Street.

Applications must be submitted each year and the applications are available in Term 4 for the following year. Passes are issued according to the date of receipt of the applications. It is not possible to hold seats for late applications.

Students should be at the pick up point 5 minutes prior to stated time of departure.

Subsequent billing for trips on the school bus will be via the school fees statement. 

Unless the school is notified of a change of planned trips then the bill will be based on the previous term's trips.

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Booking Form:
Please Select a Route
Accompanying Student
KG to Y02 Students travelling from School must have an Accompanying Student (Y07 - Y12)
Please phone the Studies Office on 02 9747 1266 to clarify.
Transport charges for Routes
Select Trip
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(Price $95.00)
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(Price $360.00)

Further Information:

  • Bookings are only valid once payment transaction is complete and information is received.
  • Places allocated in order of receipt.
  • Processed bookings will provide an email receipt including a Customer Reference Number. We advise you to print this email and keep it for your records.