Term 3 Tennis - Afternoon Program

MLC School will again be offering Tennis training to any interested girls from Pre-K to Year 12.

The schedule below is an indication of the afternoons available to your daughter.

Should you wish to attend an alternate afternoon session due to other commitments, please contact the Sports Department to arrange another day PRIOR to registration.


Training will run after school from 3:30pm - 4:30pm. 

Monday : Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Tuesday: Years 5 - 12

Wednesday: Years 3 & 4

Thursday: Years 1 - 4

Friday: Open - Pre-K - Year 12 (these will be grouped based on age and ability)

Junior School students will get changed at the Junior School and will be picked up by their coach on the Red Carpet. 

Parents are expected to pick students up from the Tennis Courts at the conclusion of training at 4:30pm.


$150.00 per term

A NON-REFUNDABLE fee of not more than $150.00 is charged and includes registration, insurance, team equipment and coaching fees.

Training will commence in Week 1, Term 3.


I understand my daughter will need to attend her scheduled afternoon training session from 3:30pm - 4:30pm.

I understand that registrations for Tennis Training are run on a termly basis. 

I understand that the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Please email Miss Emily Osborne if you have any further questions on eosborne1@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au

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