2019 Rowing Targeted Athlete Program 2019

Event:2019 Rowing T.A.P

The program will run throughout Term 2 and Term 3. This registration covers Term 2 only

Venue:MLC School, Syd Uni Boat Shed - Glebe, Drummoyne RC

Cost Breakdown:

Entry Fee $550.00


Uniform: MLC Rowing Zootie or

               MLC Shorts/Tights + PE Shirt


Invited athletes will train three times a week. Tuesday mornings 5:15am - 7am on water SydUni Shed (Glebe), Tuesday afternoons 3:30pm - 5pm on land at MLC School, Saturday mornings 6am - 8:30am at Drummoyne RC

FEES: A NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $550.00.


I understand that the T.A.P is by invitation only.

I understand that T.A.P is only offered to students who are part of the MLC School performance squad Year 9 - 11.

I understand my daughter will need to attend three training sessions per week.

I understand the T.A.P is aimed specifically at girls who have established goals to partiipate in NSW pathways selections in the 2019/20 Rowing season, and will compete for MLC School in the 2019/20 Rowing Season.

I understand the program runs until the end of Term 3 2019.

Please email Kathleen Hextell if you have any further questions on khextell@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au

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