Australian Music Day 2019 - Program 2

Art Music Focus
Acacia Quartet and Matt Withers

Date option: Thursday 1 August OR Friday 2 August 2018

Time: 9.30am–2.30pm (registration from 9am)

Cost: $40/student, $15/education resource (teachers are free of charge)

Acacia Quartet and Matt Withers will perform Robert Davidson’s Landscape for string quartet and guitar. The work draws upon the composer’s fascination with certain geographical features and a sense of place which filters through into the music. Students will learn about various string quartet textures, receive tips on how to compose for guitar and be challenged to think about our natural and urban environments as inspiration for composition.

Ephemera, led by Keyna Wilkins, is an ensemble of flute/piano, trumpet, viola and double bass whose music bridges the worlds of jazz and contemporary classical music. Inspired by planetary bodies and stars, their music is atmospheric, evocative and explores the space between improvised and highly organised approaches to structure. Students will learn about the handling of tone colour and texture through composing for this distinctive instrumentation as well as experimenting with approaches to improvisation.

In these sessions students will hear music performed live by professional musicians and will learn about the creative process in a workshop setting. Students will also have the opportunity to write their own music to be performed by the musicians and receive expert feedback.

The education resources provide in-depth analyses of the music and will bring out students’ creative potential through score reading, analysis and composition exercises.

Please note:

  • Each school needs to purchase at least one education resource per program
  • Students sign up for a complete program and will not be able to switch between Program 1 sessions and Program 2 sessions
  • Students may bring their own laptops or devices for use during the sessions. 

Enquiries: aduncan@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au

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