Code Tuition 2019

As a part of the expanding technological programs of study at MLC School, we are happy to announce the continuation of the ‘Code Tuition’ 1-1 service. 

The goals of the program include exposure of students to higher levels of Code/Programming in languages such as Python, Java, HTML, CSS and X-Code and the creation of actionable pathways into the technology industry for all candidates. This term's work will also support students in the National Computer Science Schools challenge.

  • Currently this will only run on Mondays and students will miss one lesson per week and rotate what lessons they are taken from on this day.
  • Lessons will be conducted by tutors, coders and programmers from the Code Camp organisation. Similar to the Music and Drama tuition project, students will be allowed to leave class for a maximum of one hour of 1-1 tutoring per week. The policy remains that students will only be able to leave their regular classes for a maximum of two hours across all subjects for a week (eg. Speech and Drama, Musical Instrument Tuition, Code Tuition). Students that commit to the program are expected to complete the full term's program.
  • Mr Bryce Lindstrom will be responsible for administering the program.
  • Students will work from existing laptops where possible. A range of students will be targeted to allow a broader development and understanding of the potential of the project and its beneficiaries to be discovered.
  • Tutors will be required to submit a WWCC.

 For any enquiries, please contact Mr Bryce Lindstrom via email.


NOTE : If we are unable to create a satisfactory timetable for your daughter to attend tuition it may be considered for cancellation. In such case parents will be contacted in a timely manner and payments cancelled

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