Dance@MLC School: Pre-K to Year 2 2018

Enrol your daughter in our 2018 Dance programs by completing the form below. You will then be directed to an online payment page where you will be asked to pay the Term 1 fees by credit or debit card.

At the start of each subsequent term your daughter will be automatically re-enrolled in the programs you select below and payment will be added to your daughter’s school fees. You may opt out from this re-enrolment by informing the Dance Coordinator in writing, by Week 7 the term prior.

Please note: This activity is a popular event with limited places, which are allocated in the order they are received. You will receive a confirmation of your place once processed. If a place is not available you will be placed on a waiting list and the school will be in touch when the activity is to be re-scheduled.

Dance Coordinator:Jenna Skepper 

Term Dates for 2018 Dance classes

Term 1
Commence: Week 2, Monday 5 February 2018
Conclude: Week 11, Thursday 12 April 2018

Term 2
Commence: Week 2, Monday 7 May 2018
Conclude: Week 9, Thursday 28 June 2018

Term 3
Commence: Week 2, Monday 30 July 2018
Conclude: Week 9, Thursday 20 September 2018

Term 4
Commence: Week 1, Monday 15 October 2018
Conclude: Week 7, Thursday 29 November 2018

Due to student safety the following enrolment caps will be made on the following classes:

PreK – Maximum of 10 students per class

Kindergarten to Year 2 – Maximum of 20 students per class

Please note: Classes with less than four students enrolled may be considered for cancellation. In which case parents will be contacted in a timely manner.

MondayYear 1 Jazz – 3.15–4pm 
Year 1 Ballet – 4.05–4.50pm 
TuesdayKindy Jazz – 3.15–4pm
Kindy Ballet – 4.05–4.50pm 
WednesdayPreK Dance – 2.45–3.15pm
Year 2 Jazz – 3.15–4pm
Year 2 Ballet – 4.05–4.50pm

PreK Dance – 2.45–3.15pm
Kindy to Year 5 Tap – 3.20–4.10pm

FridayNo classes

Please note: For a student to be eligible to participate in the courses offered, terms listed in the Dance@MLC School contract must be marked as agreed on the form below. View contract.

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