Rowing – Year 7 – 12 Term 1 2018

Rowing is one sport at MLC School where each aspect of the program is directed to provide students the best opportunity to derive enjoyment, satisfaction, fulfilment and success from participating in sport.  

All of the staff and coaches involved with MLC School rowing are extremely passionate about rowing.  All of the coaches have been privileged to be involved in the ‘ultimate’ individual team sport, hence the reason for their continued involvement. 

Learn to Row Squad:

Objective: Aimed primarily at Year 7 Term 1 2018 girls who want to row. The focus is on building confidence through technique, and learning about the sport in a safe and fun environment. It is anticipated this squad will row through winter and return  to Term 4 2018 as Performance Squad members. We also welcome our Year 6 students to be a part of the coxswain group, as this welcomes them further into the rowing community as a vital member of the crew.
Training Days: Monday afternoon, and Wednesday afternoon on water.
Cost: $220 per Term

Recreational Squad.

Objective: Aimed towards athletes who are current recreational rowers, or past squad rowers. Focus is on technique, fun, low intensity and aerobic fitness. Recreational rowers go across year groups.
Training Days: Tuesday afternoon, and Friday afternoon on water.
Cost: $220 per Term

Performance Squad

Objective: The primary objective of this group is to create a competitive team based around self-belief, confidence through fitness, technique, teamwork and self discipline.
Benchmarking is mandatory, will be undertaken more often, however simplified and relevant.
Attendance at camp and pre-camp benchmarking is also mandatory and is the basis of crew selection for Term 1 through to Head of the River.

Training Days:

Year Details
08 Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons on water. Wednesday afternoon land training.
09 Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons on water. Tuesday afternoons land training and optional indoor (erg) rowing session Thursday morning (6:30am).
10  Monday morning, Wednesday morning and Friday morning on water. Wednesday afternoon land training and Tuesday morning indoor (erg) rowing session (6:30am).
11 Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning on water. Tuesday afternoon land training, Thursday morning indoor (erg) rowing session (6:30am).

Cost: $550 per Term


Objective: To build an experienced base of coxswains’ through the introduction of specific program for this group.
This will be a new group of athletes, who would like to be on the water, without pulling on an oar. This group would have a reduced fee to participate, and be supported through with coaching, networking and training.
Coxswain will be assigned to a racing crew, if they so nominate, as part of the selection process. If they wish to race in Term 1 regattas, they are encouraged to attend camp to support this crew development.
Training Days: Flexible dependent on age group and crew they are coxing.
Cost: $220 per Term


Training is currently at MLC Rowing shed, Battersea Park, Abbotsford. For morning training, girls are dropped off at the bus stop on Great North Road by 5:20am and then bussed to school after training. For afternoon on water training the girls are bussed to the rowing shed at 3:30pm and pick up is from the rowing shed at 5:30pm, or 5:45pm from the Aquatic Centre car park.

MLC School is currently reviewing the shed and training location for MLC School Rowing. It is proposed that on water training could move to Blackwattle Bay in Term 1 2018. Transport and pickups will be provided under similar arrangements to what they are currently in Term 4 2017.

Regattas are held in one of four venues:
Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC), Penrith
Iron Cove, Rodd Point
Hen and Chicken Bay, Battersea Park
Nepean River, Penrith (Intermediate and Senior Rowers)


  • Prior to the commencement of the season, students and parents will be issued with a rowing handbook outlining benchmarking and selection policies, regatta, camp, key dates, uniform requirements and other rowing related information.
  • Within each squad there may be divisions, but we endeavor to keep year groups training together. Coxswains may be allocated to any year group with a preference not to ‘race down’ in age. There may be opportunities for students to train and race up a squad.
  • MLC School rowing has traditionally had a focus on the key regatta in the season being the NSW Schoolgirl Head of the River. In 2017/18, students will be invited to nominate for additional entries into NSW State Championships, NSW Grade Championships and Australian National Championships. Nominations will be considered on regatta and benchmarking performance throughout the 2017/18 season.
  • I understand that crews will be selected based on ability and according to the MLC Rowing selection policy. Any requests from students for placement in other crews will be considered but is not guaranteed.
  • I understand my daughter is to attend all scheduled regatta events during the season and the regattas may be held at various places around Sydney. Regatta details for arrival times and race events will be emailed Wednesday evening / Thursday morning in the week prior to the regatta upon release of the draw each week.
  • I give permission for my daughter to travel in the MLC School bus from school to training and understand that punctuality is important for training and regattas.
  • I ensure that my daughter is able to get to trainings and regattas and arranging alternative transport with other parents if required.  I understand the importance of my daughter providing adequate notice (at least 24 hours) for any absence and/or lateness, and for either my daughter or me to phone the Head of Program – Rowing to explain the reasons for any absence or lateness.  If, due to unforeseen and exceptional circumstances, we are unable to provide at least 24 hours notice of any non-attendance, I understand I am to SMS the rowing phone.

I also agree to:

  • A mobile, home phone number and email address being included on the squad contact list that will be distributed to the rowing squad. I understand that my phone details will be used by the Head of Program - Rowing in the first instance to advise of any late changes to training and/or regattas.
  • Reading and abiding by the IGSSA Code of Conduct and Rowing NSW Code of Conduct and supporting my daughter to abide by the IGSSA Code of Conduct and Rowing NSW Code of Conduct.
  • My daughter has the ability to swim more than 50m.
  • My daughter does not have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions OR If your daughter does have a pre-existing condition you must also provide further information to the Rowing Manager prior to the commencement of training.


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