Term 4 Tennis - Development Program

Term 4 Tennis will form the basis of training for Term 1 IGSSA and Tildesley Shield competitions, as well as provide IPSHA participants with training during their competition season.

There are two options on offer:


Non-Competitive Squad

Students choosing this option would train twice a week. This option would be best for students who do not wish to compete yet but would like to develop their skills and participate in tennis training.



Competitive Squad

Students choosing this squad would train twice a week. This option is open to any student in Year 5 - 12 who would like to play competitive tennis.

Competitive participants in Years 7 - 12 will play in IGSSA Tennis during Term 1, as well as trial for the Tildesley shield team.

Competitive participants in Years 4 - 6 should register for IPSHA Tennis during Term 4 and not the Development Program. 


Cost Breakdown:

Registration Fee$150.00

Both Competitive and Non-Competitive fees for Term 4 are $150.00 as there are no competitive fees aside from IPSHA Tennis which is a separate registration.


A NON-REFUNDABLE fee of not more than $200.00 is charged and includes registration, insurance, umpiring expenses, team equipment and coaching fees.



Training will be conducted on a Wednesday & Friday morning from 7:00am - 8:00am as a part of the Tennis Development Program.

It is expected that students are punctual, dressed in school sports attire and footwear and bring their own racquet for all training sessions.

Training for Term 4 will commence in Week 1, Wednesday 11th October.


I understand my daughter will need to attend TWO training sessions per week.

I understand that registrations for Tennis Development Program are run on a termly basis. 

I understand that participation in the Development Program will form the basis of the Tildesley Shield team for 2018.



Student who have registered for IPSHA Tennis are NOT required to register for Term 4 Tennis as training.


Please email Miss Emily Osborne if you have any further questions on eosborne1@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au

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