Code Tuition 2017 - Term 1

As a part of the expanding technological programs of study at MLC School, we are happy to announce the continuation of the ‘Code Tuition’ 1-1 service. 

In its first trial form, the program ran for one term with 6 candidates working for a total of 10 x 55-minute sessions and rotating times across one day per week. We are open to extending the number of candidates, pending applications from the community. We’ve received very positive feedback from the trial participants.

The fourth iteration will begin in Term 1 Week 1. The goals of the program include, exposure of students to higher levels of Code/Programming in languages such as Python, Java, HTML, CSS and X-Code and the creation of actionable pathways into the technology industry for all candidates. This term's work will also support students in the National Computer Science Schools challenge. 

  • Lessons will be conducted by tutors, coders and programmers from the Sydney region. Similar to the Music and Drama tuition project, students will be allowed to leave class for a maximum of one hour of 1-1 tutoring per week. The policy remains that students will only be able to leave their regular classes for a maximum of two hours across all subjects for a week (eg. Speech and Drama, Musical Instrument Tuition, Code Tuition). Students that commit to the program are expected to complete the full term's program 
  • Mr Bryce Lindstrom and Ms Sujatha Gunja will be responsible for administering the program
  • Students will work from existing laptops where possible. A range of students will be targeted to allow a broader development and understanding of the potential of the project and its beneficiaries to be discovered 
  • Tutors will be recruited from MLC School’s technology and STEAM partnerships. Tutors' abilities will be vetted by the IT Pedagogy team in an interview and through references garnered via an application process. Tutors will be required to submit a WWCC

 For any enquiries, please contact Ms Sujatha Gunja via email.

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